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15 Best Lemon Recipes

Whether you’re looking for sweet or savory recipes that highlight lemons, you’ll enjoy this collection of our best lemon recipes. Perfect for spring, summer, or all year ’round. There’s something for everyone who craves a delightfully lemony experience.

Lemon Recipes

Our Favorite Lemon Recipes:

  1. This out-of-the-world Lemon Curd Recipe is by far the tastiest one we’ve tried. It’s rich with big lemon flavor and tastes amazing over pretty much anything you want to drizzle it over.
best lemon recipes

2. No lemon recipe list is real unless there are Lemony Lemon Bars attached. After multitudes of lemon bar recipes, we always come back to this one. With just the right balance of crispy, butter shortbread and velvety tangy lemon filling…it’s our favorite for good reason.

best lemon recipes

3. This Lemon Garlic Swordfish Recipe works beautifully for any thick, flaky white fish. It’s supremely flavorful, with a bright lemon garlic sauce.

best lemon recipes

4. These Chewy Soft Lemon Cookies are the cookie of spring and summer. They’re everything they promise to be: chewy, soft, and lemony.

lemon cookies

5. The Instant Pot removes all guesswork out of the traditionally tricky risotto. This Instant Pot Parmesan Lemon Risotto recipe is totally easy and on point. The flavors of parmesan cheese and lemon are magical.

best lemon recipes

6. Blueberries and lemon go together like PB&J. This Blueberry Lemon Bread is simply amazing, with its ultra moist crumb and luscious berry-lemon flavor.

best lemon recipes

7. Oh, yes. Even potatoes get their lemon fix with this delicious Garlic Lemon Roasted Potatoes side dish.

best lemon recipes

8. Cake for breakfast = more than okay. Especially when it comes to this beautiful Lemon Olive Oil Yogurt Cake. You don’t taste the olive oil, but you’ll appreciate the tenderness it provides in texture. The glaze is seriously something to be excited about.

best lemon recipes

9. Fire up the grill with this Lemon Dijon Grilled Chicken. The flavors are superb, the chicken is tender, and it couldn’t be easier to make.

best lemon recipes

10. These Lemony Butter Spritz Cookies are not only super cute, but they’re deliciously tasty and melt-in-your-mouth buttery. Use your favorite cookie press or pastry bag to fit your occasion.

best lemon recipes

11. You can absolutely put dinner on the table in 30 minutes and have it taste amazing. Introducing Lemon Basil Chicken with Linguine. It’s like sunshine on your dinner plate.

best lemon recipes

12. No bake, no fussy equipment. Just layers of awesome goodness in this Lemon Icebox Cake. Grownups and kids alike devour it at all the parties.

lemon icebox cake

13. I don’t often think of lemons in my soup, but goodness gracious…this Lemon Chicken Wild Rice Soup is so yummy, it’s hard to forget. Healthy, easy, and satisfying.

best lemon recipes

14. Back to breakfast, this Blueberry Lemon French Toast Bake is all the rage at every brunch. Make-ahead recipe that’s bursting with juicy berries and tangy lemons.

best lemon recipes

15. This Creamy Lemon Dill Chicken boasts tantalizing flavors in the lemony, creamy sauce…without any cream added. There’s a secret to how we make this happen. 

lemon chicken

16. If you’re counting, you’ve noticed I’m adding a bonus. I just couldn’t finish a Best Lemon Recipes roundup without including this 3-Ingredient Lemonade Margaritas recipe. Enjoy.

best lemon recipes

Our search button has many more recipes and inspiration. If you have something in mind, just type in what you’re looking for!

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    • Ramil Hinolan

    If lemons are available in the Philippines, I will surely love to prepare one of your dishes.

    • World in Eyes

    Lemon is one of my favorite. these all 15 recipes are good and replicable. we always use lemon in different foods items, but i have learn use of lemon in two more recipes…

    • Tessa

    I LOVE lemon! And those lemon bars look sooo amazing!

    • ITHUB

    I really love to make these kinds of Recipe

    • ITHUB

    I love to make These Recipes and eat also

    • Leslie Hernandez

    Mmm all of these recipe’s sound so yummy will have to save these so I can try them all out. Thanks 🙂

    • Carol

    I love anything Lemon especially desserts. I just made Lemon Lush for Easter, because there is always too much chocolate. It was a hit but sad to say no left overs. Thank you for some more delicious ideas..

    • Heather McMechan

    I want to make everything or try everything, especially the lemon bars.

    • Fatima D Torres

    Lemon in your soup? Now that’s something worth trying. I haven’t used this in mine before.

    • 2pots2cook

    So enjoying this one…. thank you so much !

    • Danielle

    So may yummy lemon recipes here! I do love a good lemon food item.

    • aisasami

    I made lemon bread with lemon frosting a month ago for my coworkers. They loved it! I will try to do the recipes mentioned above (except fish, I don’t like fish).

    • Shannon Gurnee

    These look like some amazing lemon recipes! I love me some lemon bars!

    • jeannette9712gmailcom

    Why does the word “curd” sounds so gross for me. Anyway these look amazing and I am soooo trying these Lemony Lemon Bars this weekend. Thank you!

    • Ale

    I love lemons and this was an amazing curation of recipes

    • Jasmine – LoveLifeLaughMotherhood

    i love lemon desserts! Im the only one here who does but I still want to make some of these

    • ChelseaMamma

    I love Lemon and am always on the lookout for new recipes – thanks for this

    • Kalyan Panja

    Nice reading the post about your lovely lemon recipes. The photos look alluring.

    • Mum mum ma

    That swordfish is something to die for … mouth watering

    • Tabitha Blue

    These all look so good! I really want to try the no bake lemon bars!

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