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15 Best Strawberry Recipes

Early each summer, the strawberry fields come alive. Red, juicy, sweet strawberries are ripe and delicious. There’s nothing better than armloads of freshly picked berries, besides using them in recipes all summer long. Here are 15 of our tried and true best strawberry recipes to try.

Best Strawberry Recipes to Try

  1. Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe: Of course, pie. This luscious strawberry pie has a wonderfully simple filling that lets your fresh berries shine. It is truly worthy of every bite.
best strawberry recipes

2. Strawberry Avocado Chicken Salad with Poppyseed Dressing: Not only does this summery salad boast juicy ripe strawberries, but it seamlessly jives with an easy poppyseed dressing. Plus avocado, which seals the deal.

best strawberry recipes

3. Strawberry Icebox Cake (No Bake!): This is a go-to summer picnic/party dessert that you’ll bring out time and again. No cooking, baking, or anything involving heat. It’s super simple, extremely fresh, and a total crowd pleaser.

best strawberry recipes

4. Strawberry Frosé (Frozen Rosé Slushy): Speaking of crowd pleasers, this strawberry frosé does just that. It’s easy to whip up a batch of this refreshing drink in a blender and serve away.

best strawberry recipes

5. Strawberry Banana Bread: The first time I made this many, many years ago, the whole family was instantly hooked. It’s still my very favorite strawberry banana bread ever.

best strawberry recipes

6. Strawberry Avocado Caprese Salad Recipe: Reminiscent of Caprese, you’ll get a mouthwatering balsamic dressing with this recipe. It melds perfectly with the sweetness of ripe strawberries and the creaminess of avocado.

best strawberry recipes

7. 4-Ingredient Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe: Who knew amazing strawberry daiquiri could happen with just 4 ingredients? This is a fail-proof summer bev that everyone loves.

best strawberry recipes

8. Fresh Strawberry Crumb Cake: This strawberry crumb cake is unbelievably easy and tastes so so good. It’s extremely tender, moist, and strawberry-ish.

best strawberry recipes

9. Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Bake: We always put fresh strawberries over our French toast, and we adore strawberry cheesecake, so that’s how this one came about. This remains one of my favorite French toast bakes; it’s easy, delicious, and perfect for brunches.

best strawberry recipes

10. Strawberry Asparagus Farro Salad: This hearty and satisfying salad is studded with generous helpings of fresh berries and asparagus. Wholesome farro adds interest, while making it a healthy meal that tastes fabulous.

best strawberry recipes

11. Strawberry Julius Recipe (4 ingredients): Here’s one for all the kiddos and grown-ups alike. Let’s just say I can’t make these fast enough, with everyone snatching them up the minute the blender stops. Tastes just like the Strawberry Julius we remember from the mall.

best strawberry recipes

12. Strawberry Cheesecake Hand Pies (pop tarts): These are super cute and way better than any kind of boxed pop tarts. We’ve made them for breakfast and dessert, and they never last long. I mean, we’re talking strawberry cheesecakes in a mini pie!

best strawberry recipes

13. 5-Minute Strawberry Margaritas: Once you’ve had these, you’ll be spoiled forever where strawberry margaritas are concerned. These are so good, so easy, and you can make them for all the summer parties.

best strawberry recipes

14. Strawberry Chocolate Baked Oatmeal: This one’s always a hit at brunch gatherings. Who doesn’t like strawberries and chocolate? Make that combo into a morning oat deal that nobody can resist.

best strawberry recipes

15. Fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting: People have actually told me this is their all time favorite cupcake. These strawberry cupcakes are made extra tender due to bits of fresh berries in the batter. The whipped cream frosting is a go-to frosting you’ll fall in love with, as it can be used on so many desserts.

best strawberry recipes

See the Strawberry Frosé in Action:

We hope you found a recipe you love in this strawberry roundup! Feel free to search in our recipes for more berry inspiration.

If you make any of the recipes, we’d LOVE to see what you made!  Just tag us @chewoutloud on Instagram.

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    • Sondra Barker

    These all look so good! The pictures are making my mouth water.

    • Katerinotshka

    Oh never tried strawberries with avocados, does it taste good ?
    Bth strawberry smoothies are my favorite !

    • LuciWest

    Wow! I’m almost overwhelmed with how many great ideas for strawberry recipes you’ve accumulated. Everything sounds and looks delicious! Thank you.

    • Paula Stewart

    I used to make the pies at Shoney’s. I sure do miss them. I will try this recipe and the banana bread one. They both sound yummy.

    • Wren

    These all look delicious. Strawberries are in the top two of my favorite fruits! I had never thought to put it in Banana Bread. Will have to try that!

    • amandahrosson

    This post is making my mouth water! I LOVE strawberry anything and want to make ALL of these recipes!

    • Jessica may

    I just love strawberries. The fresher the better! All of these recipes look so great!

    • Lisa

    My husband is crazy about strawberries and will love all of these recipe ideas, thank you!

    • Wander Women Abroad

    YUMMMM STRAWBERRY EVERTHING! I love strawberries so seeing all these recipes really makes my mouth water. I can not wait to try the cheesecake poptarts and the Ice box cake

    • Net U.

    I will never say no to a good fresh strawberry pie. I love strawberries so much and can’t wait to try all those recipes.

    • Joyce PustaJoyce

    Omg! I am craving for all these food. Saving recipes in every scroll. Thank you! Glad I found your page.

    • Lyosha Varezhkina

    Not a big fan of raw strawberry but comes season I try to process it and I kinda like it cooked

    • Lyosha Varezhkina

    Not a big fan of raw strawberry so when I get it for some reason I tend to make something of it. Your recipes sure come in handy!

    • Crystal Carder

    I love all these summer dessert ideas! These ideas will come in handy for summer bbq season.

    • Dollie Solanki

    The Froze, Daiquiris and Margaritas are the recipes that I’m going to try out.

    • Jessa B

    these recipes all look delish! But I’m excited to recreate #5 , Strawberry Banana Bread! Going strawberry picking soon and im definitely making this one!

    • Tomislav

    What a rich strawberry recipes list! Definitely bookmarking this one. Strawberry banana bread looks yummy!

    • Steph Social

    We always go strawberry picking and this gives me some new recipe ideas to use them all up! That pie and those smoothies look THE BEST!! Come on strawberry season!

    • Chad

    I love love love your posts! Not only the post itself is full of colors, the photos are amazing but also, the recipes seem delicious yummmm.

    • Stacie

    Well, this is definitely getting bookmarked! I love strawberries in any form. I can’t wait to make all of these recipes!

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