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Easy Zucchini Recipes – Our Top 10

If you’re looking for tried-and-true, best-ever zucchini recipes, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled our absolute favorite zucchini recipes that have been well loved year after year. Take advantage of healthy, beautiful squash and give these recipes a try. There’s something for everyone.

Our Very Favorite Zucchini Recipes

  1. Superhero Apple Zucchini Carrot Muffins – There’s no better way to start off the day (or afternoon) with these glorious Superhero Muffins loaded with zucchini. Healthy meets flavor in these powerful muffins. They keep well and are freezer-friendly.
zucchini muffins in muffin tin

2. Chocolate Zucchini Coconut Oil Bread – No butter needed for this fantastic zucchini bread…it’s like none other, as it’s made with the goodness of coconut oil without sacrificing flavor. Perfect for breakfast, snack. and even dessert. 

chocolate zucchini loaf bread

3. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Zucchini – Toss fresh zucchini slices into this healthier version of creamy, delicious fettuccine alfredo. Add chicken breast for a satisfying boost of protein. It’s easier on the waist without sacrificing taste. 

fettuccini alfredo with chicken and zucchini

4. One-Bowl Zucchini Carrot Bread – You’ll only have to wash one bowl with this zucchini carrot bread. It’s so tender and tasty, and freezes beautifully for quick grab ‘n go mornings. Even the pickiest of kids will gobble this up. 

zucchini carrot loaf bread

5. Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting – Nobody will guess these chocolate cupcakes contain a hearty dose of zucchini goodness in every bite. In fact, these decadent cupcakes taste so fantastic, nobody will care what you’ve secretly hidden in them. 

chocolate zucchini muffins with chocolate ganache

6. Moist Lemon Zucchini Bread – There’s a reason my friends and family request this bread on repeat. With a tender crumb and lemony flavor, this zucchini bread is an instant hit everywhere it goes. Slice and freeze for easy breezy breakfasts on-the-go.

lemon zucchini bread

7. Zucchini Bread Recipe with Nutella – Glorify your classic zucchini bread with a bit of Nutella greatness. Nobody will be mad at you for offering them a slice.

zucchini bread with chocolate hazelnut

8. Best Easy Roasted Vegetables Recipe – This roasty, savory, flavorful combination of zucchini, butternut, potatoes, and mushrooms is absolutely irresistible. This dish is such a treat, it doesn’t even feel like you’re eating vegetables.

roasted vegetables

9. Chocolate Zucchini Cake – I’m not sure there’s a more tender chocolate cake than this chocolate zucchini cake. You can’t taste the zucchini, but it provides such wonderful moisture and fluffy texture to this amazing cake. Once you taste this, you may be astounded that you actually mixed squash into this amazing cake. 

chocolate zucchini sheet cake

10. Pasta Primavera – everything you’d want in a healthful yet brilliantly flavorful dinner. It’s light on calories, big on flavor, and bursting with all the colorful seasonal vegetables. So good, we could eat this every night.

pasta primavera on a plate


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    • Bernice Hill

    This is such a great round up for everyone who’s finding that they have way too many zucchini on their hands!

    • Fran Jorgensen

    I love the possibilities of this versatile vegetables! We planted zucchinis one year and they went crazy in our back yard! Thank you so much for sharing these great recipes I am sure they will come in handy!

    • Kiwi

    so many cool zucchini recipes. I never thought to put zucchinis in a cake!

    • Princess Peralta

    These foods are looks delicious, im sad cause i cant use the recipe because I am on keto diet. 🙁

    • Rose A (@mail4rosey)

    Zucchini is perfect for muffins. Added goodness and great taste that fools the kids is perfect when your grands don’t like too many veggies any more!!

    • messybunsandthricethefun

    Wow the muffins look great ill have to try to for my kids

    • Bindu Thomas

    Amazing recipes. The cakes and muffins make you drool

    • Surekha-dreamingloud

    Wow, amazing recipes for zucchini..! I will definitely try this. These looks awesome, love it..!

    • Eli, The Partying Traveler

    Wow such a good variety of recipes here! So many things that I would have never considered incorporating zucchini in!

    • Shannon Gurnee

    I’ve only made zucchini two different ways. The first is zucchini bread and the other is grilled zucchini to serve with meat. These are some great ideas!

    • Sincerely Jackline

    These recipes seems so good..! I will definitely love them, thanks for sharing..!

    • Cindy Batchelor

    Mmm these all look so yummy! I love zuhini!

    • Kuntala Banerjee Bhattacharya

    Oh wow, learned new recipes with zucchini. Amazing, in fact I never knew there can be so much variations. Liked it.

    • Arya

    I love these, they sound and look absolutely delicious.

    • twinspirational

    That looks so delicious..! I bet I would love this recipe. I’ve gotta try this asap.

    • Chad

    Zucchinis are healthy, delicious and would marry very well with almost any cuisine. Amazing ideas, thank you.

    • Joanna

    I do love zucchini but I mostly use them as side dishes or in curries. I have never used them in baking but I did hear that zucchini bread for example is very healthy. I might try baking with zucchini one day.

      • Rose A (@mail4rosey)

      I totally recommend trying them in baking too! My gram did it when I was little and I still remember her delicious baked treats!

    • Stacie

    I am making all of these! I LOVE baking with zucchini. It always makes such a tasty product. These all look really good.

    • kumamonjeng

    Zucchini and muffin would make a great combination I guess, I have never try and glad to pick up the recipe here.

    • Kita Roberts

    Yum! These Zucchini Recipes look soooo delicious! I love to eat this right at this moment!

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