Easy, Healthy  Orange Chicken

 (One Pan Technique)

Got 30 minutes and one pan? Then you’ve got this saucy Healthy Orange Chicken. This scrumptious dish is quick, gluten-free, and robust with flavor.


Orange Zest | Orange Juice Brown Sugar |White rice Vinegar |Soy sauce Sriracha |  Ground Ginger Garlic Powder | Cornstarch Olive Oil | Chicken Thighs Kosher Salt | Scallions Cooked rice for serving

Whisk together the orange zest, orange juice, brown sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, Sriracha, ginger, garlic powder, and cornstarch.

Dry and cut chicken into bite size pieces.  Cook and stir until chicken is just cooked through, about 2 minutes. Set aside.

In the empty pan, cook the sauce until thickened, about 30 seconds. Add the cooked chicken to the sauce and stir to mix everything together.

Serve immediately over cooked rice. Sprinkle with scallions for garnish and extra Sriracha sauce on the side, if desired.

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