How to Make  Creamy Caesar Dressing

Once you’ve made your own creamy Caesar Dressing, none other will satisfy. Homemade Caesar Dressing is immensely fresh and flavorful; watch everyone devour their salads.




Real Anchovy Paste

Parmesan Cheese

Worcestershire Sauce

Dijon Mustard

Lemon Juice


In a bowl, combine the garlic, mayo, anchovy paste, grated parmesan, Worcestershire, mustard, and lemon juice.

Whisk & Chill

Whisk to combine well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover and chill until ready to use.


If you prefer it a little thinner, stir 1-2 TB water into the mixture Check Worcestershire sauce for certified gluten-free label, if needed.

Ways to Use Caesar Dressing

Use with romaine lettuce for a Caesar salad. Use as dip for fresh vegetable sticks. In a pasta or potato salad. In a sandwich or wrap.

Serve With

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