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  • Shaoxing Rice Cooking wine

    We stock our pantry with this Shaoxing Cooking Wine, which is perfect for many Asian recipes.

  • Extra wide rice noodles

    These Wide Rice Noodles are gluten-free and perfect for Asian noodle dishes, such as pad see ew.

  • Extra wide rice noodles

    Extra Wide, Gluten-Free Rice Noodles are perfect for Asian noodle dishes such as Pad See Ew.

  • Large wok

    This large, carbon steel wok is perfect for stir frying almost anything.

  • Shiitake mushrooms in bag

    Quick to rehydrate, and pre-sliced for easy use in Asian recipes.

  • Jasmine Rice in a bag

    Jasmine rice is fragrant and cooks up perfectly tender and fluffy; it’s ideal for fried rice, too.

  • sriracha

    If you love a bit of kick with good depth of flavor, you’ll need more than one bottle of Sriracha.

  • furikaka

    A healthy flavor booster; it’s incredible over rice, soups, and salads.

  • red curry paste

    Add to vegetables and protein for a delicious kick of Thai curry goodness.

  • sesame oil

    This is the bottle we reach for when it comes to pure sesame flavor.

  • regular soy sauce

    We love the robust flavor and aroma of this soy sauce.

  • organic tamari sauce

    Organic and gluten-free, it’s a delicious substitute for regular soy sauce.

  • teriyaki sauce

    This is our favorite choice for adding to teriyaki chicken and salmon.

  • natural hoisin sauce

    Hoisin is a staple for providing savory-sweet-umami flavors to stir fry dishes.

  • oyster sauce in a bottle

    There’s nothing like oyster sauce to make your Asian dishes pop with flavor.

  • hoisin sauce

    This larger sized squeeze bottle makes for easy measuring.

  • chili garlic sauce

    Provides a garlicky kick with any Asian stir fry, noodles, dumplings, or egg rolls.

  • sushi ginger

    Healthy, no MSG, briny, and flavorful accompaniment for all the sushi.

  • black bean garlic sauce

    It’s our favorite for black bean fish, chicken, and vegetable stir fry.

  • rice vinegar

    This gives a balanced tangy-sweet flavor to Asian salads and dressings.

  • peanut satay saucr

    This is great for busy nights; use for Thai stir fry, dressings, or for dipping.

  • five spice powder

    This all natural blend is classic for Chinese stews and braises.

  • fish sauce

    The secret ingredient in everything, from soups to stir fries. Use it non-Asian sauces, for a boost in umami flavor.

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