Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Extra Crispy

Learn the secrets to making Air Fryer Chicken Wings that are extremely crispy. You’ll use less oil, less time, and gain the most deliciously crisp buffalo chicken wings ever. Bonus: these happen to be gluten-free.

Chicken Wings | Salt | Pepper Baking Powder | Cornstarch Butter | Honey | Ranch Dressing Frank's Red Hot Sauce


Dry & Toss

Dry excess moisture from the wings with paper towels. Toss with salt, pepper, baking powder, and cornstarch to coat.

Arrange & Cook

Place wings in a single layer in air fryer.  Set air fryer to 375F and cook wings for 24 minutes.

Turn wings halfway through. When done, turn again and increase the temp to 400F for another 5 min, or just until the wings are crispy.



While wings are cooking, combine honey buffalo sauce ingredients in a pan. Stir on low heat just until butter is melted. Cover to keep warm.

When done, toss with honey buffalo sauce and serve immediately. 

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