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10 Best Summer Cocktails

Cool off and unwind this season with these refreshing summer cocktails. Many can be made ahead or are super-easy to mix up. Cheers! 

  • Big Batch Pineapple Margaritas: This can be easily made ahead of time. Sit back and enjoy the party, without worrying about the cocktails. These margaritas are a crowd pleaser every time!
Big Batch Pineapple Margaritas

  • Sparkly Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail: This Big Batch Pineapple Margaritas Recipe can be easily made ahead of time. Sit back and enjoy the party, without worrying about the cocktails. These margaritas are a crowd pleaser every time!
grapefruit paloma cocktail

  • Berry Champagne Punch: This Champagne Punch is refreshing, delicious, and makes any gathering superbly fun. If you’ve got a group, be prepared for this to disappear fast!
champagne punch

  • Strawberry Frosé: One sip of this Strawberry Frosé and you’ll get why Frosé has become all the rage. This Frozen Rosé Slushy is cool, refreshing, breezy, and fruity. It’s a truly stunning summer drink. 
strawberry frose slushy

  • The Best Mojitos: Mojitos are just the thing for parties, gatherings, or a warm evening on the porch. We have made (and remade) Mojitos until we got the recipe just right.
Mojitos in tall glass
  • Watermelon Margaritas: These Watermelon Margaritas are easy, refreshing, and mouthwatering! Perfect for all your summer gatherings or just for sipping on the porch.
watermelon margarita in glass
Mango Sour cocktail
  • 3-Ingredient Lemonade Margaritas: If you’re looking for a quick cocktail you can shake up in a jiffy, look no further. These crowd-pleasing Lemonade Margaritas have you reaching for just 3 ingredients!
lemonade margarita with lemon slices
  • 4-Ingredient Strawberry Daiquiri: Here’s  a deliciously cold, refreshing blend of strawberries, lime, rum, and agave. Because it makes use of frozen strawberries, this delicious cocktail is always in season. 
frozen strawberry margaritas in glasses
  • Summer Berry Sangria: the ultimate refreshing, sparkly, delicious drink of the season. Unlike most sangrias, this recipe doesn’t need a lengthy chill time. Easily whip up a pitcher of Best Summer Berry Sangria all summer long.
Summer Berry Sangria with fruits

Want more? We’ve got a delicious collection of cooling beverages to choose from!

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    • Rose Ann Sales

    Thanks for sharing, I will def try some of these for our date nights..

    • Cindy S.

    These are literally the best drinks ever! I just saw a friend post about palomas yesterday and was curious about it.

    • Elizabeth O

    These are some refreshing summer cocktails we need to try. I love to try the watermelon margarita.

    • Hannah

    These looks so delicious and refreshing! I can’t stop eyeing those pineapple margaritas and the summer berry sangria!

    • My Kitchen

    Wow!!so many options to choose from.i can’t wait for summer.


    Great summer cocktail ideas! These will surely make the season hotter !

    • Elle

    I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, but I’m sure I can make a nonalcoholic version of these treats. They look satisfying.

    • tweenselmom

    These cocktails really look tasty! I hope I could get a taste of them sometime, I’m glad you shared these with us!

    • rachel

    These all sound INCREDIBLE!! Can’t wait to try a few

    • Marie Phillips

    The summer berry sangria and the strawberry frose would for sure be my go-to summer drinks!! Thanks for a great list. Now I just need to be able to invite people over again!

    • Kristyn

    These ALL look so refreshing! Especially on a day like today that is crazy hot!

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