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15 Healthier Snack Recipes

These snack recipes are healthier and tastier than a bag of chips. You can feel good about these grab ‘n go snacks that satisfy midday hunger cravings. 

A collection of healthy snack recipes, energy bites, and protein bars.

10 Healthy(ish) Snack Recipes

  1. Gluten Free Ranch Snack Mix Recipe – Whether you’re gluten-free or cutting down on sugar, this GF ranch snack mix delivers big flavors and are perfect for parties.
healthy snacks, snack recipes
  1. Chewy Apple Oatmeal Bars (Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined sugar-free) – These chewy, soft apple oatmeal bars are packed with goodness and fabulous for on-the-go fueling that tastes delish. 
healthy snacks, snack recipes
  1. 15-Minute Chocolate Avocado Energy Bars (GF, No Refined Sugar)  – I started making these during one of my January sugar free health kicks one year, and discovered a winner. These are awesome for taking the edge off hunger while fueling your body with only the good stuff.
healthy snacks, snack recipes

4. Nut-Free, Gluten-Free Cereal Protein Bars – Kids and adults like both devour these nut-free, gluten-free cereal protein bars. They’re a hit for busy mornings or after school snacks. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

5. No-Bake Energy Bites (GF) – Ever since we started making these no-bake energy bites, there’s been no turning back. They’re loaded with wholesome ingredients and can be frozen for future snack emergencies. In our house, that happens often. 

energy bites in a bowl

6. Samoa Snack Mix – This Samoa snack mix is a healthier spinoff of those famous cookies we all love. These are perfect for making ahead and keeping in a sealed bag or container, as they stay crispy and delicious for a couple of weeks. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

7. 3-Ingredient Larabars – These homemade, super-easy Larabar copycat bars are way more budget friendly than buying them by the box. When we do our Whole30 stints, these bars are a constant companion. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes
  1. Protein Granola Energy Bars – These protein granola energy bars are so much healthier and satisfying than their store-bought counterparts. I feel like Super Mom when I make batches of these for the fam.
healthy snacks, snack recipes
  1. Coconut Oatmeal Cookie Balls (No-Bake) – Even self proclaimed non coconut eaters might devour these morsels. No baking involved, these coconut oatmeal cookie balls are a total win. 
healthy snacks, snack recipes
  1.  THE BEST Chocolate Oatmeal Bars (No-Bake!) – For reals. These truly were the best chocolate oatmeal bars we’ve ever not baked. I love these bars, as a little goes a long way…which means I can make one pan for the hungry bunch to munch for several days. 
healthy snacks, snack recipes

11. Roasted Garlic Hummus – Hummus is one of my favorite power snacks. This roasted garlic version is simply amazing and so easy to make. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

12. Oatmeal Energy Cookies (nut-free) – Cookies really can = health(ish) when you’re looking at these oatmeal energy cookies. They’re packed with ingredients you feel good about, without compromising the all important yum factor. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

13. 5 Ingredient Energy Bites (No Bake) – You only need 5 simple ingredients to fuel up with these delicious balls of energy. They’re perfectly suited for pre/post workouts. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

14. Honey Yogurt Fruit Dip – Even though I’m a fruit purist who adores plain whole fruits on a daily basis, I have zero inhibitions about dishing up this honey yogurt fruit dip. It’s a deliciously healthy way to add some protein to snack time. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

15Acaí Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipe – Because I grew somewhat obsessed over smoothie bowls and because they cost more than 2 lattes, I started making these at home. Not only is this DIY smoothie bowl beautiful, it’s a perfect light lunch or post-workout treat. 

healthy snacks, snack recipes

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    • Eli, The Partying Traveler

    Wow the Acia Berry Smoothie Bowl caught my eye right away! I love smoothie bowls and will have to learn how to make them myself!!

    • dearmummyblog

    We love apples and oats and these recipe sound amazing! Perfect for coming into the autumn too and school snacks

    • kumamonjeng

    So many interesting bites there and I can use some of these for our Chinese New year sweets which happen in Jan or Feb next year. We need lots of sweets and cookies for family visiting,

    • Stacie

    I love how delicious all of these look. Most people think healthy has to mean bland or terrible. You have just proved them all wrong.

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